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Medical ID? There's an app for that.


Did you know that if your iPhone/iPad has iOS 8 or above you can use the Medical ID feature, which provides personal health information in an emergency?

The Medical ID feature can be edited to include a custom photograph, name, date of birth, a list of medical conditions, your allergies, reactions and medications, blood type, height and weight and whether you're an organ donor - and notes for good measure.

FACT Charity Relay – We did it!

Transcendit Relay Run For Fact

We did it! We ran the 22 miles between our offices in Meadowfield (Durham) and Team Valley in a relay.

It was a brilliant day, we all had a great time (except when it was our turn to run) and we are all very proud it was in support of FACT,...

Lorraine Embleton


As a long time supporter of CHUF Transcendit were saddened to hear of the loss of Lorraine Embleton after her fight with Cancer on the 30th June. Lorraine was a friend as well as a well-respected customer. We extend our condolences to Lorraine’s...

Business Funding Update 31/07/15

Sources Of Funding For Business Projects

In previous news, we have referred to a number of options available for getting funding towards business development projects. The situation is always changing, so here is a brief update:

R&D tax credits: From 1st April, 2015, the tax relief...

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows10 V2

The answer to this will be "YES" at some point soon. However before making the move, please consult with your friendly IT specialist. It often takes time for application providers to test their software following the release of a new operating...

Ransomware infections


Recently we have seen a new spate of Ransomware infections such as Cryptolocker. This is happening to clients who are on the face of it well protected with up to date system and email anti-virus protection. The criminals are now heavily using ...