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  • Website redesign

    You currently own a website and you wish to update it to perform better?

    "Stof did a fantastic job redesigning our website and we're already generating more enquiries!" Adam A Kuznesof, Transcendit

The brief

As my first project when joining Transcendit, I was ask to think about the redesign of the website which started to look a bit dated and needed some TLC. My task was then to come up with a new identity which would be an evolution of the current branding and also a website design that would be:

  • Modern
  • Professional
  • Approachable
  • Friendly
  • Responsive

Logo redesign

First things first, I had to tackle the redesign of the logo. As with every logo redesign, the tricky part was to create a logo that would be an evolution of the current one rather than a revolution. More often than not, logos have a story, and in time people (clients, owners, random users...) get attached to this visual reference and are sceptical towards a total revamp. Keeping the essence of the original logo whilst bringing it up to date was the challenge I was facing. And based on these facts, the new logo had to be:

  • Professional
  • Modern
  • An evolution of the previous one
  • Friendly looking

After rounds of feedback, surveys and amends, the final logo was chosen and used throughout the corporate identity (website, letterheads, comp slips, business cards, T-Shirts...)



Once the logo was agreed it was time to start the redesign of the website. The original content was globally up-to-date but the revised site needed new sections. Wireframing was then used to discuss and organise the new layouts as well as planning how these layouts and the navigation system would work together.

In terms of look and feel, once again the website had to appear friendly yet professional, visually depicting that...

"We are a team of friendly people working really hard to satisfy every single client!"

Responsive design

Now the design stage was finished it was time to face another challenge; building the website to be responsive! If you don't know what that is, please read on responsive design, we explain it all.

But to quickly sum-up, responsive design is a recent technique that allows websites to display in the best way possible on various devices, from smartphones & tablets to desktop computers with larger monitors...

It is scalable, it works with iPhones & iPads without creating a specific app... It's basically a website that works everywhere!


About us page

The existing "About us" page had all the necessary information but wasn't really showcasing the team in a friendly and professional manner. The aim was to create a page that was easily updatable using our CMS, and looked inviting & friendly.

Whilst browsing the Internet for inspiration, I came across a local photographer whose work caught my eye. After suggesting her work and the "Retro Booth" idea to the board, everybody was convinced that it would work perfectly in the website.

The photoshoot was then organised, photos taken and edited, and finally inserted in the website to produce this friendly and fun page...

This page wouldn't have looked anywhere as good without the hard work and involvement of Kat Timmins, the lovely photographer who did the shoot! Many thanks to her, we could not recommend her highly enough!