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    Do you want your IT supported by people who understand your business and can be understood?

    "I’m not a technical person, so I like that Transcendit explain things in a way I can understand..." Simon Stewart, Trinity Chambers


At Transcendit, we make your IT systems work for you. We understand what you need and deliver this to you in the best possible way. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner so you can rest assured that our highly trained technical team will find solutions that benefit you. What we give you is a service that saves time, saves money and creates peace of mind.

Our diverse client portfolio includes the Dean & Chapter of York, Trinity Chambers, AGCAS, and many more. Our clients praise us on our ability to deliver the best possible service in the most efficient way, every time (Client survey, March 2010).

No matter what field you are in, we gain the personal understanding of your systems and maintain them so you don’t have to.


Save time, save money and create peace of mind by calling upon our strong team of experienced IT professionals.

You will benefit from:

  • Fast response to your IT problems; a skilled professional will be online within minutes.
  • An account manager who is your first point of contact and makes it their priority to completely understand your system, so solutions can easily be found.
  • Effective setup and configuration of your computer systems.
  • Friendly, flexible service delivered in a professional, confidential and reliable manner.
  • An IT Department that does not take up office space, is never sick and never takes a day's holiday.

What we give you

We provide you with a comprehensive support package that includes the items below. We concentrate on your IT so that you can focus on your business.

Telephone Support

Telephone Support

Call us whatever the issue and we will respond within the hour.

Remote Support

Remote Support

At your request, we can quickly and remotely take control of your PC to resolve problems or give helpful advice.

On Site Support

On-Site Support

When required we will visit you in person.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

We install 24/7 monitoring software on your system to notify us of any issues you may experience so we can respond fast.

Online Sata Backup

Online Data Backup

We will secure your most critical data so that you always have an off site copy.

Person Contacts

Personal Contacts

A specifically assigned senior contact and a lead engineer will continually work closely with you.

Service Usage Reports

Service Usage Reports

These will be issued regularly so that you are kept up to date with the progress of our service.

System Reviews

System Reviews

These reviews will ensure your system is continually updated to meet your future needs.

Delivering the Best Possible Service

Providing excellent service is about more than technical knowledge. It is about the people that work with you to understand your business and the processes and systems that ensure information is captured and your objectives are achieved.

I Mac Prism V2

The People

Two named individuals will be assigned to you - an Account Manager and a Lead Engineer. They will know the most about your business but will always be backed up by the rest of the Transcendit team. The rest of the team includes people with high levels of expertise in different areas. No one can know everything but across our team the combined knowledge is fantastic.

The process

When first working with a client, we will do a full review of your current systems and recommend any improvements. Thereafter, we will work closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our advanced automated monitoring tools will notify our team of any real or potential problems. Alternatively, you may wish to log a new issue with us directly. When an issue is raised, we log it, progress it and keep you informed. Issues can include requests for general advice and guidance, system changes and assistance with using software.

The Systems

We use our own bespoke support management software, Prism, combined with a state of the art system monitoring tool that we install on your systems. This combination allows our team to monitor your systems for potential problems and record the information to ensure that your team and ours are always kept up to date.