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    Transcendit has a dedicated team of forward thinking mobile web design specialists striving to offer the best user experience possible for iPhones, smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops users.

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Mobile web design

Mobile web design is a recent method of thinking and working. Everyday, millions of people in the world use their smartphones or tablets to access the internet and various websites. It could be YOUR website. But is it ready, designed and built to be seen on these devices?

Benefits of mobile websites

The main benefit is really clear; allowing mobile device users to access your website and services in a decent manner by improving their user experience.

This is not the only benefit, by having a mobile website, your company will appear as forward thinking, innovative and pro-active, thus giving a positive feeling to your potential customers about who your company is and how you work.

When linked to a CMS, mobile websites allow businesses to modify the content of their website in one place and it will modify and display gracefully on all targeted devices... Unlike specific apps (like iPhone apps, iPad apps...) that require extra work to edit and modify...

Transcendit is one of only a few companies in the North East who has a team of mobile web designers and mobile web developers.

If you're interesting in discussing our mobile web design services, give us a call on 0191 482 0444

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