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Is someone watching you through your webcam?

Someone spying on you through your webcam may sound like the plot of a terrible horror film, but it's actually a terrifying reality. It's not a sophisticated form of hacking but it is one of the scarier ones, because the hackers aren't doing it for financial gain; they're doing it for fun. 

The hackers behind this intrusive scam aren't really hackers at all. They're known as Script Kiddies (or skiddies within hacking communities, who make no secret of their disdain for the group). Script Kiddies don't write any complicated software or code to get into your machine; they actually rely on you to do the damage for them.

Script Kiddies often use a simple phishing scam, sent directly to your email, to plant malicious software on your computer. It's made to look like any other email from an organisation, but once you click a link the software installs - with you none the wiser. They also hide their malware in popular torrents.

This type of malware isn't designed to steal your passwords or card details, (at least, not at first) but to give the sender remote access to your machine. It's called a Remote Access Tool, or just a RAT - and it's exactly as unpleasant as it sounds. 

The Script Kiddie (or ratter) then has complete control of your machine. They can flip your screen, open your disk drive, open websites, browse your private documents and pictures and log your keystrokes to steal your information. Or, if they prefer, just turn on your webcam and microphone and start watching.

The scariest part of this hack is that it's almost impossible to know whether you're a victim. On private hacking forums, ratters swap tips and tricks for keeping the webcam light off, acquiring new 'slaves' without detection, and then share screenshots of their best 'finds'. 

Although what these Script Kiddies are doing is illegal, the actual code and program is not; similar software is used by security agencies. If they've covered their tracks properly it's unlikely they'll ever get caught. And this kind of hacking is much quieter than a regular scam; unless the ratters trip up, you won't know that you're being recorded. 

There are things you can do to make sure that you don't end up on one of these sites. Learn how to identify phishing emails, and don't use torrents; it's an incredibly easy way for them to access your machine. Install antivirus software, and do a full scan every month or so. And get yourself a webcam cover - just in case.

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The Transcendit Way

Transcendit understand that when you choose to work with us, whether we're taking care of your IT, app or web development, you're trusting us with part of your business. So whether we're looking after your computers, phone systems or servers we always do things 'the Transcendit way'.

The whole of our team adhere to the same values, beliefs and policies - the principles that were written when Transcendit first formed in 2000. Whether you come to us for cloud services or recovery backup you can be confident that you'll always receive the same excellent service.

The Transcendit way outlines how we do business; following the same straightforward principles with every client and customer, regardless of how big or small they may be.

That means we get to know you and your business. We offer you a friendly, professional and efficient service, and we'll always be honest with you.
We understand that not everybody speaks fluent IT, so we try to explain things in a way that is simple and clear. We always spend as much time as is necessary explaining things to you.
If you need to talk to us about something, no matter how insignificant, we are only ever a phone call away – and we’re never too busy to make you a cup of tea and have a sit down with you in person.
We understand how frustrating it can be when things are late. When we schedule an appointment with you, we are there when you’re expecting us. If something prevents us from getting there, we always call you in advance to let you know.
Sometimes things can go wrong, but we never lie to you or try to cover something up. If things go askew we tell you what’s happened and how we plan to prevent it affecting your business.
We want you to continuously benefit from working with us. We regularly discuss your business and make suggestions for improving systems and processes wherever we can – but we never try to push you into a purchase.
When we quote a fixed price, that's always the amount we charge – you won’t find any nasty surprises on a bill from us. If you are paying by time and materials, we inform you if our approximations could change.
We understand the importance of privacy for your business and your customers. We respect the confidentiality of your data, and we will never pass on your information to third parties.
We appreciate it when you take the time to give us feedback. A system called CustomerSure records our client's responses, so you can trust that our reviews are from real people.
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