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6 games to keep your household happy

If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, you might be looking for new ways to keep your family, housemates and support bubbles entertained. There’s no need to break out Monopoly when people are already bored and irritable; check out these unique games that will keep you engaged and having fun no matter what Tier you’re currently in. 

Funemployed - £13.98 on Amazon 

This is a great game which will be sure to have your friends in stitches. You have four ‘qualification’ cards which make up your resume (qualifications such as ‘afraid of water’ or ‘emotionally hollow’). Then each player interviews for a job (positions include ‘supervillain’ and ‘chimney sweep’). 

The aim is to be the best person for the job by using each of your qualifications - so you have to find a way for that ‘passive aggressive’ qualification to be an asset! Impress the interviewer and you’ll get the job - and win that card! This is such a fun game to play with friends and has a ton of replayability. You can even download the cards and print them at home. 

What do you meme - £29.99 at John Lewis

What do you Meme is essentially Cards Against Humanity with pictures; one person presents a photo to the other players, and everyone has to pick one of their caption cards to match it. The funniest, weirdest or rudest caption card for that photo wins - depending on the person judging of course! 

This game is fun and simple, which makes it great for people who aren’t fans of board games or card games. There are also a load of different expansion packs; everything from Mean Girls to Basic to NSFW; so you can keep adding to your What do you Meme collection to keep things fresh!

Bananagrams - £12.79 at Amazon

If you’re more into word games, Bananagrams might be for you. This fast paced game starts  with 21 letters; use these to form interconnected words, like a crossword. As soon as you’ve used all your letters, say ‘Peel’ and everyone takes another tile. Keep going until all the tiles are gone, and the person who finishes their words first is the winner - assuming your spelling is correct!

If you’re into games which have everyone playing at once, this is definitely for you; there are no turns, so nobody is left waiting. It’s fun and infuriating, particularly if you’re down to the last few tiles and you pick up an ‘X’ or a ‘Q’. 

Deep Sea Adventure - £14.99 at Athena Games

In Deep Sea Adventure, you’re a deep sea adventurer with the goal of travelling out of your submarine, and bringing back as much treasure as possible. Retrieve more treasure than everyone else and you win; but watch out because everyone is sharing the same oxygen tank. The more treasure you bring back, the more oxygen you’ll use!

This is a really fun and deceptively tricky game as players try to balance getting the most treasure back to the submarine with not wanting to run out of oxygen on the way. If you’re more into boards and counters than cards then this is the game for you.

Sushi Go - £9.73 on Amazon

This is a fast paced card game, where the aim of the game is to grab the best set of sushi going, so that by the time you get to the end of the round, you’ll have the most points! Get the most Maki rolls, and you’ll win a bunch of points. If you can grab three Sashimi then you’ll get 10 points, but none for grabbing one or two. Decide fast because you can only play one card before the rest of your hand is passed to the player on your left, and they’ll be sure to mess up your plans!

Back when Transcendit were still meeting in the office, Sushi Go was a staple of our lunchtime hangouts. It’s easy to learn, the games are relatively short and there’s enough replayability to keep you amused time and time again!

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